Season 7, Episode 5: The DESPY Awards (with C.U.N.T. survey results!)

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Here we are at Episode 5. I don’t have much to crow about. The most interesting thing about this week’s social media stats is that very little has changed. Mrs. Kasha Davis got some love after she flew the coop. Although Pearl’s behavior ruffled some feathers, she still saw amazing fan growth. But the rankings seem to be becoming more fixed. If the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook rankings are to predict the top 3, it will be Pearl, Miss Fame and either Violet or Katya. It’s only episode 5, so don’t count all your chickens before they are hatched.

This week, I also asked RPDR Redditors to take a poll and evaluate the queens’ Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. I was hoping for 20 responses, but Lordy! Y’all are more obsessed with this show than I am! I got 930 responses. The survey results appear below the social media summary. I’m more inclined to use the survey results to predict the top 3: Katya, Max, and Violet. In fact, Katya scored so well on all four categories, that she should probably be America’s Next Drag Superstar. If only she had more screen time. (Jesus.)

Let’s take a look at the rankings from this time last year: Season 6, Episode 5 (which was the Snatch Game). The top 3 Twitter rankings were Courtney, Adore, and Bianca. However, Bianca was #3 and Courtney was #1. Things still have plenty of time to shift around, especially after the Snatch Game.

S6E5 Followers Total

I’ll be so bold as to make this prediction. The top 3 will NOT include Kandy, Kennedy, Jaidynn, and Ginger. I have a feeling no one is shocked about Kandy, Kennedy and Jaidynn (and gosh, I really do think Jaidynn is adorable), but Ginger is a little surprising. She’s not only doing kinda meh in the social media race, but her C.U.N.T. ratings were middle of the road. Who knows, though. As Mrs. Kasha Davis said in her Advocate article, “The reality show business is one that Ginger Minj is obviously playing well, in that she gives them what they want and it’s aired!”


  • There is not a lot of change in the pecking order. One exception: Mrs. Kasha Davis moved up to #10, and Jaidynn moved down to #11.
  • Growth is slow this week. Ginger has the most relative growth (14%), closely followed by Mrs. Kasha, Katya, Trixie, and Violet (13%).
  • If Twitter were to decide the top 3, it would be Pearl, Miss Fame, and Katya. (Trixie beats Katya, but she doesn’t count since she is eliminated.)

Twitter Chart

Twitter Numbers

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.39.49 PM

Twitter Increase (#)

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.40.01 PM


  • There is more movement in rankings on Facebook than Twitter. Ginger and Mrs. Kasha have moved up in rank (to #7 and #10, respectively). Tempest, Jasmine, Kandy, and Kennedy have moved down in rank (to #8, #9, #11, and #13, respectively).
  • Mrs. Kasha Davis has a nice elimination spike. She has historically gained about 5-7% new followers each week. This week, she gained 18% new followers.
  • Pearl had the most growth this week (23%), with Ginger closely behind (21%).
  • Max, Trixie, Mrs. Kasha, and Katya all had strong growth, between 18% – 19%.
  • If Facebook were to decide the top 3, it would be Miss Fame, Pearl, and Violet.

Facebook Graph

Facebook Numbers

Facebook Rank

Facebook Increase (#)

Facebook Increase (%)


  • The rankings are unchanged on Instagram. Miss Fame still rules the roost.
  • Pearl showed the most relative growth at 15% (12,600 new followers). Look at her histogram! It’s like a big, pointy spike!
  • Katya (+5,200) and Ginger (+2,500) each gained 14% more Instagram fans.
  • There is very little growth for Kandy, Tempest, Jaidynn, Mrs. Kasha, Kennedy, Sasha, and Jasmine.
  • If Instagram were to choose the top 3, it would be Miss Fame, Pearl, and Violet.

Instagram Graph

Instagram Numbers

Instagram Rank

Instagram Increase (#)

Instagram Increase (%)

C.U.N.T. Survey

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey. Below are the average results for each queen, as well as standard deviation, which is color coded. (I won’t get into the definition of standard deviation, but it’s basically a measure of the amount of variation in responses. For example, if everyone gave Katya a 10 in charisma, the standard deviation would be 0, because there is no variation in responses.)

It was not only fun to see how the numbers panned out, but also to see the subsequent discussion on Reddit. Here is one of my favorite quotes from /u/deathcabscutie, who tried very hard to differentiate between liking a queen and objectively rating her C.U.N.T.:

“I’m surprised by how seriously I’m taking this. I’m talking my way through each queen because I want to be fair, and I’m only halfway through uniqueness after at least 5 minutes working on this. I’m trying to separate my feelings about how much I like a queen from how much I think they exemplify each category.

“For instance, I didn’t really love Jasmine Masters by the time she was eliminated, but I gave her REALLY high marks for charisma because in the first episode she was the queen who most seemed to grab everyone’s attention with her infectious energy. EVERYONE was talking about her with stunned surprise at how much of an impression she made on them. I mean, literally the day before almost everyone was writing her off as basically not deserving of being cast.”

Total Score

  • Katya got the highest total score, as she scored between 8.0-9.0 average for each category.
  • Max is second place, with her highest score in uniqueness (9.2 average), and her lowest in nerve (7.2).
  • Trixie takes third place, with her highest score in uniqueness (9.0), and her lowest in nerve (7.5).
  • Violet is in fourth place, with her highest score in nerve (8.9), and her lowest score in charisma (6.4).

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.35.12 PM


  • Katya, Trixie, and Max have the highest scores in charisma.
  • Katya also has the lowest standard deviation (1.6), which means there is the least amount of variation in votes.
  • The highest variation was in Tempest and Jasmine. I have a feeling Tempest’s is high because we didn’t get to know her, and Jasmine’s is high because she has been polarizing.

Charisma Graph

Charisma Table


  • Max got the highest average score (9.2), and the lowest standard deviation (1.6).
  • Trixie’s score was very close to Max’s: 9.0 with 1.7 standard deviation.
  • Kennedy, Jasmine, and Kandy score the lowest in uniqueness (3.2-4.0).

Uniqueness Graph

Uniqueness Table



  • Violet scored highest in nerve (8.9), also with the lowest standard deviation (1.8).
  • Katya still kicks @$$ (8.2 average, 1.8 STDEV)
  • Pearl scored high on nerve (8.0), but also has one of the highest standard deviations (2.3). Redditor /u/romaselli helps me understand why there might be more variability for her: “I was going to… give Pearl (and Jasmine) high marks for nerve, but I thought about it some more and ultimately decided to flip it around, and gave them both very low marks. Yes they had the nerve to talk back to Ru and to not take criticism well, but I don’t think thats what the Nerve in C.U.N.T. is about, but more about going all-in in a challenge that may be totally out of your comfort zone, and not buckling under the pressure of the competition. For that I gave Jaydinn, Kasha and Ginger a good nerve ranking.”

Nerve Graph

Nerve Table


  • Katya scored highest in talent (8.8), also with the lowest standard deviation (1.6).
  • Max is a close second: 8.7 average, 1.8 STDEV.
  • Violet got strong scores for talent, which makes me happy. I think that grumpy introvert works hard: 8.5 average, 1.9 STDEV.

Talent Graph

Talent Table




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